Yoshimura USA Open House

Anyone who’s a rider knows the name Yoshimura.  The iconic japanese logo that accompanies the English letters are always recognizable whether its on the side of a slip on or gracing someones body. We’ve always wanted to check out the USA operations of the famously successful Japanese brand and today’s open house was the perfect opportunity since they were doing factory tours as well!

DSC_0510I have to admit that I thought most of Yoshimura’s products were made in Japan then shipped over but as you can tell from the photo’s below, they actually make almost 100% of their products here in the USA! What the photos do not show is the other offices located within walking distance that houses their carbon fiber creating facilities and the race teams that are set up just as close.  With everything done in house and with Suzuki and Yamaha racing teams just next door you can bet you get a ton of R&D into those exhausts you purchase.

One other thing I wanted to mention was post purchase repairs.  The tour guide mentioned that if you were to trash your can somehow, reach out to them before throwing in the trash.  Most of the time they can repair it for the fraction of the cost.

Oh the only items not made in house?  Stickers, accessories and anodizing. With Yoshimura’s long history of winning in all competitive fields that it enters, if this doesn’t reinforce Yoshimura’s dedication to excellence, nothing will.

We’re going to leave you guys with this bad ass video from their site. Thank you Yoshimura for opening your doors and welcoming your customers!



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