Yes, Unfortunately This is The 2017 Ducati Supersport

So first off I have to say, in my opinion, there is no bike sexier than a Panigale. Be it an 899/959/1199/1299/R. They are hands down the most aesthetically pleasing to look at and heart achingly beautiful pieces of machinery I have ever laid my pauper eyes on. With that out of the way though, this new Supersport is the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen come from the Italian brand.


The mutated front end of a Panigale, the tail section and exhaust from a Monster and the silhouette from a humpback whale. In trying to create a new motorcycle from their greatest hits, they created a Frankenstein. Parts pilfered from popular models that don’t match well and held together with stitches resulting in an abomination.

What about performance? I owned an 821 Hypermotard and have to say that this will be more than enough for intermediate and beginner riders to have a blast on. With that said, I’ve also heard its supposed to be a sport touring bike. People still sport tour? With ADV bikes like the Ducati Multistrada, KTM Super Duke GT and BMW S1000XR in existence?


I do have to admit that in the span on writing this article, it doesn’t look as bad as my initial impression. When the new YZF-R1 first debuted I was similarly turned off but as time went on I came to appreciate and ultimately like its design. Will I feel the same way about Ducati’s newest offering? I don’t know but I’m willing to bet that fans of the brand will be polarized.

I don’t want Ducati to think that we don’t appreciate them creating new products. We love that they took the risk. But if we’re not honest then they’ll congratulate themselves on a job well done when none is warranted. Hopefully they take these criticisms not as personal attacks but as words from a very impassioned audience and try again. The Internet will always eagerly anticipate anything the Bologna outfit releases and that’s something you can always bet on.

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