VIDEO: Movistar Yamaha Austrian Test


Its been a seemingly long mid-season rest hasn’t it? Luckily we had the Suzuka 8hr race to placate our thirst.  Recently Yamaha Movistar released the following video on their test at the Redbull Ring, so this combined with the last episode of the Monster biography on Valentino Rossi should get us through the remaining 10 days. Then we’ll get to resume the drama that is MotoGP and see if Marc Marquez can steal another championship from the Yamaha riders.

If you’ve been following out site, we posited that the HRC boys will have an advantage at the Redbull Ring due to their “marketing” activities last month with the road going Honda RC213V-S where Marquez and Pedrosa got first dibs at the track this season. The boys in blue Yamaha, has already stated that their bikes will suffer there due to the high speed nature of the track. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for these two teams in particular with all the excuses going in.

So what are your predictions for the second half? Will Marquez throw patience to the wind like we’re all expecting him to? Will Lorenzo finally stop being a brat and actually compete? Will the old man in field surge to the front and make it a race to the end like last year? Let us know in the comments!

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