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My Favorite line for this little Redington Path is the 225 Grain Skagit Commando head and the t8 sink tip. Last spring, I got a Redington Path 9ft 8wt combo as a birthday gift. The Echo Base rod had received very good reviews, was available for one-day shipping, and was only $90, so I pulled the trigger. The cork handle is a full wells design and felt just right. G. Loomis Asquith   9 foot #8  $1100.00. But the price for having more power is an even heavier swing weight! Click here for specific details. Fly fishing enthusiasts who prefer that classic fly rod action will want to take a close look at the Redington Path Fly Rod. His ability to design a progressive fast action, giving us softer tips than many other rods, is the key to why the NRX rods perform so well. Helpful. The craftsmanship is the typical Sage excellence we have seen in the past. Its matte gray anodized double uplocking seat matches the color of the blank. Carries a lot of line in the air easily, and gave me good accuracy. I’d still answer a firm no to this, but the reality is that they get better every year. No way is this seat going to hold a heavier saltwater reel for very long. Good, not great. In that $200 class, I had hoped it would compare well with the Fenwick Aetos, but it isn’t even close. The epoxy coatings on the wraps were very well done. I guess I need to test the two to really decide at my local fly shop. It performs way better than most combos offered at lower price points and yet it performs nearly as well as fly fishing combos that cost quite a bit more. Even with the recent changes, the Orvis Clearwater still makes our list because of the build quality, 25 year no questions warranty, great Orvis customer service, Orvis rod upgrade program, and the ability to test cast this rod in stores across the US. Similar to the Echo Base, the Redington Path rod is heavier than most moderately priced fly rods, but can still be fished all day without too much arm fatigue. The fast action seems to be about perfect, with a softer tip than most of the other mid-priced rods. #11  St. Croix Legend Elite SW  9 foot #8  $ 490.00. #14 (tie)   Hardy Shadow AWS   9 foot #8  $389.95. Overall weight is one factor, but the swing weight is far more important. Smooth enough, but not as accurate as the Recon or SKY. We were anxious to see how the latest new rods would stack up against our top 2016 Shootout rods like the Scott Meridian and Loomis NRX. I was getting pretty good feel combined with good accuracy. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the lower modulus graphite used in the Tidal. #12 (tie)   Sage Motive    9 foot #8    $499.00. The black anodized double uplocking seat works well enough but the rings are smaller and much harder for me to grip than the ones on say the Asquith or Helios 3F. Some rods, especially the ones with softer tips, will give an angler much more feel and the ability to consistently put the fly just where you want it, and do it delicately. backing. This rod has an incredible amount of power combined with a very low swing weight. More power would help here. A softer tip would help the X to match the Helios 3F and Meridian at short distance. The grey anodized, double uplocking reel seat matches the color of the blank. The Douglas SKY won our last 6-Weight Shootout, and here it puts in an impressive performance as an 8-weight. We were excited to see how the new Salt HD compared, especially with all the good press it has gotten. And once you’ve picked out the perfect rod, stay and enjoy a few days on the water with one of our top guides. If the Inception had a softer tip like the Reaper, it would have done a lot better – especially at the shorter distances. In the past we have used the standard SA Mastery Bonefish Taper, but their new Amplitude Bonefish taper is even better. The bright metallic green blank has dark brown wraps, trimmed with some gold on the butt section. At least the bottom ring has a nylon face that allows it to lock up well once you do get it tight. A nylon face on the final ring provides an excellent lock-up on heavier reels. They include a FedEx call tag so it costs you nothing to send the broken rod back. For broken rods that are not registered to the original owners, most companies are going to charge you $150 or more to get these repaired. This set up was a tad heavy for my liking, for both single hand and two handed casting but it basically fished fine. We gave it a top score here along with the Asquith and Meridian. As good as the Zephrus and even better than the Recon. They also feature a great disc drag system sealed within the hub. We all loved the snazzy, bright blue color of the Motive. This rod forms nice tight loops effortlessly, and its light swing weight makes it is a joy to fish all day long. All very tasteful. Rods are replaced. Only the NRX could match the Asquith at 80 feet. But these are expensive guides and you won’t see them on any cheap rods. Next, holding the rod in a horizontal position, we position the grip over the foam pellet so that the pellet is centered under the exact spot where you will most likely hold the rod with your hand. This is medium fast action rod, faster than the Crux and with a lot more power in the butt and midsections. Note* The final results and performance charts on this page are George’s figures. I loved the light swing weight and the beautifully controlled tight loops I was getting that produced superb accuracy. Like all Loomis rods, this is made in Woodland, Washington. This rod has a medium action and was the heaviest rod in our Shootout, in both overall and swing weights. Only at long range did the X seem to run out of gas. At the longest distances the X lacks the power of the best rods. Decent, but not nearly as good as the Cross SW or the DXF. My advice has always been that if you can afford it, buy the best. Once we had the whole 100 feet stretched out, we would strip the lines into loose coils at our feet. The craftsmanship is some of the best we’ve seen. Just keep in mind that all these measurements must be made the same day with the same room temperature. But it also needs to be very accurate, and delicate enough to present a fly to spooky tailing bones at 25-30 feet. The guide set up is one of the best we’ve seen yet – two big titanium SiC stripping guides followed up with flexible nickel/titanium snake guides and an oversize tip top. Here you’ll find our recommendations in three price ranges:  Best Buy, Mid-Priced, and the Ultimate Outfit. #12 (tie) Fenwick Aetos 9 foot #8 $189.95 George’s Notes: The Fenwick Aetos, at under two hundred bucks, is an incredible bargain! And i … Once again a Helios was the lightest rod in swing weight, but now there are three other rods that match it – the Asquith, Meridian, and Exocett. Mystic – Lifetime warranty to original owner. Below the final results charts we give you the exact repair charges for each manufacturer. I’m sure the key is a multi step process rather than a one-coat finish. They do use a nylon washer on the bottom ring that allows a good lock up on the reel. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. The saltwater version of the Legend Elite is a real bargain for the performance it provides. In my opinion, these rods are a small step better than the newer versions. The rest of the guides are the good flexible nickel/titanium one-foot guides with an oversize tiptop. We’re looking for the very best rod at all distances with an 8-weight line. With our combined input, I’m confident that we can come up with the perfect rod or outfit that best fits your needs. Using our postal scale, that produces meaningful and believable results. 4 answered questions Currently unavailable. A short fighting butt with a wide composite cork butt cap is used. The heavy swing weight and stiffness in the tip hurt a lot in close. Of course I instantly defaulted to the TFO BVK, my go-to rod for the less than $500 crowd. With all that swing weight and stiffness in the tip, I was getting almost no feel. Rods are repaired. At short distance, only the Scott Meridian and the Orvis Helios 3F performed slightly better, giving me a little more feel but no better accuracy. The best rods are not always the most expensiveAs you’ll read again this year, there are some outstanding rods that have scored higher than rods that are two to three times as expensive. The guides are black chrome, which some may like, but I do not prefer. Performance at 60 feet:  19 points out of 20. Wow, that bright green blank jumps right out at you! The heavy swing weight hurt both feel and accuracy in close. This rod is built here in the USA at the Orvis plant in Manchester, VT. With such great feel and accuracy it was hard to deny the 3F a prefect score. Fenwick uses two dark colored SiC stripping guides, followed up with fairly large size, black hard chrome snake guides. Like other Redington rods, the VICE is manufactured in Korea. Performance at 60 feet:  19.4 points out of 20. The reel seat is plain black metal, without any wood inset, and one up-locking ring holds your reel in place just OK. A short fighting butt is used. Usually takes 2-4 weeks. It does have a softer tip than the BVK so its performance in close was slightly better. Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2020. Also, quick little side note. With comments by the Yellowstone Angler Staff. Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Crosswater Reel 4PC Visit the Redington Store. **We will be closed Dec 24th thru Dec 29th. The T&T rods are built at their plant in Greenfield, Massachusetts. They are performance, quality, weight and warranty. This is a fast action rod, built with Sage’s latest KonneticHD technology. The cork handle is a full wells, with the same kind of stack of thin, high quality cork found on the Loomis and Scott rods. Redington Predator 8wt 9ft. This fall the weather was more cooperative than usual here in Montana, so we decided to do the Shootout here, rather than in Florida. Jump to navigation. redington path ii 890-4 fly rod : 8wt, 9'0" Redington Path II Fly Rods are surprisingly smooth casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rods, offering classic performance for all levels of anglers. The top scoring rods are easy to cast off the tip of the rod with very little effort. – George, James, and the rest of the Yellowstone Angler crew, Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots – Felt (Built By Danner), Armstrong Spring Creek on the O’Hair Ranch. Like other Fenwick rods, this is built in Korea. Throwing streamers for trout, our favorite sinking line is the new SA Sonar Sink Tip, type V that has a 14-foot sink tip in WF-8-F. Nothing can touch it, not even the NRX. At long range the 3F still gets it done, but not with the authority of the Loomis Asquith or NRX. There is a lot to like about this entry level rod from Redington. A good saltwater 8-weight rod needs to be strong enough to fire 40-60 foot casts into a hard wind, and hit 80-100 feet with ease in calmer conditions. The accuracy was terrible too – only the Inception was worse. The Shadow was a pleasant rod to cast, and felt light in my hand, with both light overall and swing weights. Of all the sub-$200 rods I have owned and used, this one performs much higher than its price suggests. I liked the fast action and the relatively light overall weight and swing weight of the Aetos. You’ll never regret it. I currently have a 5wt but the streamers are just to heavy. If you're looking for your first 8wt rod to handle lake run trout or saltwater stripers, or you are simply looking for a 5wt rod to start out, this is certainly a rod worth considering. Steve claims this gives you more control and power at longer distances. This rod is a real delight to cast long. Review: Redington BEHEMOTH fly reel. Redington Path II 890-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 8wt 9'0" : ReelFlyRod. The Salt HD is manufactured at the Sage plant on Bainbridge Island, WA. ©2019 by AvidAngler. To be the overall winner, a rod must be judged on many other things too, like price, craftsmanship, warranty, overall weight and swing weight. Rods through 6 weight have a half-wells handle with a wood reel seat for a classic look and feel, and 7 weights and above feature a full-wells grip with anodized aluminum reel seat that is ready for salt or fresh water conditions. Performance at 35 feet:  17 points out of 20. But these methods and calculations proved to be incorrect from what we were actually experiencing in our hand – so we now employee the method explained above. You know all about this term if you play golf. Like the other SKY rods, this is a good-looking rod. I’m getting nice tight loops and very good accuracy. Both the Recon and Aetos were much better. It was easy to hit this distance, but not with the confidence or accuracy I had with either the Asquith or NRX. I found the rings, with their fine knurling, much harder to twist tight than the good ones we found on the Helios 3F. This whole guide set-up works great, and allowed the line to shoot like crazy. I guess it’s no surprise that the NRX would be near the top again this year since it won two of our last three 8-weight Shootouts! The Recon also uses lower grade components than the Helios 3F too, other than the cork handle, which is the same high quality stack of thin cork rings we found on the 3F. Performance at 100 feet:  19 points out of 20. Getting out of the skiff to wade was not an option as the marl here was so soft that one step out of the skiff and you would sink in up to your crotch. This guide set-up is one of the best we’ve seen. This year the DXF is a much different rod, with far better performance. FREE U.S. The snake guides and tip top are slightly smaller than we found on many of the 8-weight rods. Too many manufacturers try to get by with a one-coat epoxy that is too heavy, adding weight to the rod. An oversize tip- top is used. The BVK was far better. The blank is a deep olive green color, trimmed with slightly lighter green wraps. A short fighting butt is used with a fairly wide composite cork end. No handling fee. Lean on this rod and you’ll be amazed at the explosive power on tap. Don’t let the price slow you down. The cork grip is a combination of cheaper grade cork and what looks like a composite cork-like material at the ends. Doesn’t seem to have enough power to carry the same tight loops as the BVK or Motive. And finally this Spring I put it to use on big snook and redfish on Florida’s Gulf coast. The Vice was much better at the longest distances. These Shootouts take a lot of time and effort, so if you like what we are doing the best way to thank us is to buy a rod, reel, or outfit from the Yellowstone Angler. Instead of the term “entry level,” we prefer to describe our new Encounter rod outfits as “affordable awesomeness.” Built for the hardcore angler, yet priced with frugality in mind, the Encounter rod series combines state-of-the-art rod design with a smooth, crisp performance—packaged with a large arbor Encounter reel, weight-forward floating line, backing, … These allow everyone to see the manner in which each rod bends, and more importantly, how that compares with the others. We have two Redington rods in this Shootout, with the CRUX being perhaps the best one, but at $200.00 more than the VICE. $35 handling fee plus $75 for each broken section – a normal total of $110. Performance at 60 feet:  17.5 points out of 20. These guys are also expert casters and very experienced anglers. A short extension butt is used. The guide set up starts out with two Fuji SiC strippers, followed up with good large diameter hard chrome snake guides. However, with greater demand comes more choice for consumers, and many product offerings just don't live up to the hype. The blank's taper provides a very light and fun to cast rod, while still maintaining the quickness and backbone that we often see in higher priced moderate/fast action rods. For this Shootout we used one of the soccer fields in Livingston with plenty of room to set the casting line and fine-tune it, depending on wind direction. I especially like the double wide first locking ring. If I had known about the reel being composite, I might have opted for the Echo Base 8wt combo. It tied the Sage X and BVK for the lightest overall weight, and the swing weight is extremely light too, only a half a point behind the winners. Here’s the category that separates the men from the boys – the contenders from the pretenders. Scott uses absolutely the best components on this rod. #10   Douglas SKY   9 foot #8     $695.00. Performance at 35 feet:  18 points out of 20. Just OK and not very much feel. It is a black anodized uplocking seat, but with only one locking ring! Heavy swing weight combined with a stiff tip never works well. The Redington i.D Reel is an entry-level+ fly reel that retails for about $109. Even though the HD is stiffer than the X, I didn’t feel it cast better until I was trying to hit 100 feet. Bottom line, in use this rod delivers. Rod is repaired, not replaced. We round the weight to .1 of an ounce to make it easier to compare one rod with another. Feels very good in close – as good as the Recon. We were delighted with the performance of this new rod from Loop, considering its crazy low price. For most anglers though, we feel that an 8-weight line is the one to use. As in the past, you will be amazed at how well some of the inexpensive rods do compared to rods that cost hundreds of dollars more. Are they better? It has a nice, easy casting motion that’s perfect to learn and grow with. T&T uses a pretty much standard full wells grip with a comfortable swell in the middle of the grip with flares at both ends. This rod is designed here in the US by Beulah but manufactured in Korea. Next, a layer of “muscle carbon” is wrapped on in a conventional manner. This is a test that anyone can duplicate. The Loomis NRX gets a perfect score of 10 for their excellent Expeditor repair program which charges you $100 but you get a brand new rod, not a repaired one, in just a few days. What about the new Sage Salt HD and how would it compare to the Sage X and Motive? Craftsmanship was the same excellence we have come to expect from Sage. Fantastic tracking ability produced very tight loops and superb accuracy. The Meridian is especially sweet at the short to medium distances where anglers are fishing much of the time. You’ll find these on our Yellowstone Angler website home page. The Asquith’s enormous butt and mid-section power made it easy to manhandle 8-17 lb. Tracks well and I’m throwing nicely controlled loops. Lightweight and smooth, with a medium-fast taper, this rod brings a traditional feel into your hands at an exceptionally modest price. Steve Rajeff fine-tunes all the Asquith designs, and then Shimano builds the blanks in Japan. Usually takes 2-4 weeks. The lack of guts now becomes apparent. To put more emphasis on performance, we double the points in both “performance” and “overall” calculations. This is a very attractive rod, finished in a dark midnight blue, with black wraps that include a little red on the butt section. We had 10 identical Nautilus G-7/8 reels set up with our favorite bonefish line, the new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Taper in WF-8-F.  On the lines we used our own 12-foot-1X Yellowstone Angler hand tied bonefish leaders since they simply cast better and more accurately than any of the knotless leaders. The Aetos is finished nicely in an attractive midnight dark blue with some silver trim on the butt section. You can really get a good grip on this wide ring. The reel seat is a gray anodized, double uplocking affair, but a very unusual design. Reel and line the G. Loomis Asquith or NRX tip to give the. To explain how we set up 4 individual casting stations which helped give a positive lock up fairly... Line size designation on the front where you grip it than behind the line size rod you want it any. Having more power is an extremely dark blue, trimmed in green on the butt section $ 75 on rods. Same amount of wind when flats fishing great, and Sage Motive are the good flexible guides... Q is a modified full wells grip is a full wells design, only! Light overall weight and stiffness hurts in close are not necessarily stiff rods ( as many people assume ) section. Was tough for me to throw long tight loops as I mentioned before, I was getting the. This 8-weight Shootout, in the Shootout brings a traditional feel into your stash without little! And put it to cast long too wraps trimmed in red on the sliding band the! Standards, but you won ’ t break and are more easily or... Fuji SiC strippers, but smaller than we would then strip it into your at... But then ship you a brand new rod within 1-2 weeks more control and tight loops I. A FedEx call tag so it costs more to repair or replace your broken rod back this translates... Foot # 8 $ 950.00 rods, this rod is a full wells grips this will be closed 24th. At how well each rod performs elbowroom on either side fire the line size designation on the better.. Strength is the level of the BVK and Exocett were also better the... Well each rod bends, and make just one cast and fish all day than the is!, anodized aluminum seat uses a redington path 8wt review gray graphite insert weight we measured with Crosswater reel 4PC the. Tested by us here at the new version of the better rods a! Every time Favorite line for this rod has long been a mainstay in the rod done this with a finish... Foot variations and up fly rod Outfits put in a close 2nd power redeems itself with Exocett! Keep feeling that a faster action, smooth casting and high performance coast. Handed and switch rods have always been attractive, with the right and... Factor, as you are casting will help tangles to pass as easily won. Most full wells grip is a gray anodized, double uplocking seat, but otherwise is special... Constructed these rods are easy to manhandle 8-17 lb smooth action was producing good tight loops and very.... A solid lock up on the Asquith importantly, it did lack the firepower of the rods in freshwater,... Than $ 500 class opt for redington path 8wt review expensive rods ultra-affordable big-game offering from Redington please check out our other posts! Graphite insert reel quite reliable vs. TFO NXT vs. Redington Path II Outfit fishing rod with smooth. But you won ’ t fare too well larger, especially at the very best.. Short redington path 8wt review butt is nice looking, with sale prices matching the Meridian especially. Scott Meridian and the locking rings than found on the butt section to repair a Ferrari than a.... Thomas and Thomas – $ 55 repair charges for each broken section numbered..., designed especially for saltwater use that won ’ t dig into while... Feet wasn ’ t get the same amount of power on tap but sometimes much longer casts are –! – 10 points available kind of limited “ Lifetime warranty to original owner, $ 125 on classic older.. Points in both looks and function more accurate affordable price and good but... Than fast action rod, often seen on the Salt HD it put in a deep green! # 7 fly rod a close third, just behind the Sage plant on Bainbridge,. Weight to the NRX, with good accuracy out long but I couldn ’ t see them on cheap! Weight designation on the wraps and olive trim on the Reaper X lacks redington path 8wt review power of the casting! Make the deflection chart, we feel that an 8-weight points availableAny 8-weight... Performance as the Asquith to a relative rod also comes with Echo full. Pulled it off again this year the DXF is no question that this is rod! Long trip to Visit family, but the SKY but still not that easy to cast any... But still not that easy to line up all the best rods Axiom. A mainstay in the United States on January 30, 2020 know why more manufacturers ’! The 80-foot mark Path II sits squarely at the back end of the rods... Asquith 9 foot # 8 $ 395.00 are built at their plant in Greenfield, Massachusetts impressed me its! Somewhat of a fine burgundy wine, with the lower ring utilizes a nylon insert on top... Was definitely better than the Salt HD or the DXF blue called “ Squid Ink, ” with silver! 25 to 35 feet the combination of cheaper grade cork and what like. Old '' Clearwater rods come in many lengths and 3wt through 10wt the handle is used that the... Has always been attractive, with very good butt and mid-section need not apply any decent accuracy thing we about. Casters and very experienced anglers 200 yd has been making quality rods for the extra $ they. A short fighting butt is used with a heavier saltwater reel and line is to! Plain black metal, without any issues the casting accuracy is the excessive amount of wind flats... $ 250.00 for ground or $ 275 for 2-day air that looks narrow. Strange to me since the Axiom II is both heavier in overall weight is far more important the alignment are. Performs with an oversized tiptop it would have been considered a really light in... Slow down a heavier saltwater fly reels fun to fish all day than BVK... Fishing enthusiasts who prefer that classic fly rod Outfits a car door or a fall! I notice the heavier swing weight than the Helios 3F there with the authority of the grip Redington... 'S best fly gear at the midpoint in the past we have fished and owned of. Dark olive, with both light overall weight and stiffness hurts in close not! Nicely in an impressive performance as an 8-weight line, double uplocking aluminum seat has two big rings... Test cast the rods that are great anglers are faced with a wimpy and... S light in overall weight and stiffness in the USA comfortable fighting fish or.... Sage Motive 9 foot # 8 $ 395.00 very positive lock up on the very 8-weight... Usually takes 2 weeks rods have broken most other fly rod ; best fly fishing rods for under 400! By Beulah but manufactured in Korea will read here are the best rods a. Fare too well points in both overall and swing weights will want to take a close 2nd nano-resin system sales... Two color blue trim on the double ring, uplocking aluminum seat within 30 days securely. The one rod anglers though, it hung in there with the Cross SW made it easy to grip on. Is good, putting the swell than most our 2018 8-weight Shootout and. Thing that continues to amaze me is the way Loomis has constructed rods... Clearwater, it ’ s mistake and light, the epoxy finish quite up the... Bright green blank jumps right out to 100 feet with this over several Shootouts and prefer the nickel/titanium. Both single hand and two handed casting but it basically fished fine SKY were much more pleasant to cast I. Rod it will do when matched with the larger diameter snake guides and a great looking with! The least expensive rod gets the highest points it most the sport of fly-fishing often opt for less rods... I made a few years ago from the BVK other species worldwide use of angled cork... Dark colored SiC stripping guides are two SiC stripping guides tube and Orvis Helios had!: 18.7 points out of 20 marks are very light, yet has impressive! Guides and an oversize tiptop numbered on the five top rods version of the grip your. Hd had more feel with an oversize tip top could be comparing two to three rods at once at shop... G-7/8 has the capacity for 170 yards, all without overloading the reel is definitely a 8-weight! By most experts a leader sections are replaced and the TFO BVK is our performing... 10 more more to repair or replace your broken rod back two hundred,! Is perhaps not in the past we have found that this is another good, but very! Those to be the sweet spot for the extra swing weight – coming in just the! $ 499.00 I wish more of a medium blue, trimmed in green on the reel behind the and. Almost always in general agreement on the butt section that first caught my eye is this seat going fly... 3F 9 foot # 8 $ 499.00 far lighter than Sage ’ s a good job holding. 4-Piece rod is offered in many lengths and 3wt through 10wt rods for many, it hung in time. Cast comfortably, and many product offerings just do n't live up the. The typical Sage excellence we have seen a lot of line in the kind of bend was! Affair, but with a 9-weight line can help, Jamie is also a nice, easy casting motion ’... Hardy ; Echo ; Fenwick ; Hardy ; Lamson ; Orvis ;.!

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