Scott Redding Gets Real on Safety @ Red Bull Ring, Drops F Bombs

Scott Redding is back in the news, this time lambasting the safety measure of tracks like the Red Bull Ring and others that cater to cars with no gravel and walls set up right against the track. Now, we don’t need to say it but once you read that I know you immediately thought of Luis Salom’s fatal accident in Barcelona earlier this year. Its refreshing to hear someone at a professional level get candid about his craft. Some of you more PC readers probably don’t like his particular use of verbiage but since its regarding safety, it is hard to fault the man.

Just a few quotes from Redding below.

“It’s the problem with all the tracks now, everything’s f**king designed for cars that don’t want to go in the gravel,” laments Redding.

“And they put walls everywhere. Not having gravel is okay, but then we need to have a f**king long run-off.”

“Unfortunately, you know, in the Salom situation – for me, the reason it cost him his life is, there was no gravel there,” Redding said. “And I myself, I didn’t even notice it, I never even looked if there was gravel – but actually it wasn’t there, it was one of the fastest corners on the track.

Regarding Turn 10, “That was also f**king dangerous,” added the Briton. “Vinales had a small crash there, I think he just closed the front and when I came round, the bike and him was at the wall. They’ve done something there, I haven’t seen it yet.”

“Up to 3, if the marshal puts the flag out, I can take it off his hand. And you see that. The first few laps you’re braking, you see the photographers there and you’re f**king looking down the lens. Because you’re that close to it and you feel it.”

Obviously Dorna thought it was dangerous enough that they changed the last turn at the Red Bull Ring for the weekend. Hopefully we won’t see any types of accidents there this weekend and just some nice clean racing from all the groups. What do you think? Is Redding overreacting? Let us know in the comments how you feel about the reduced safety measures for motorcycle racing.

EDIT: Here’s a pic of Pedrosa’s bike on the barriers after a wreck in Free Practice. Pedrosa is fine after losing the front and low siding.

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