Project Daytona 675R: SC Project CR-T Titanium Slip On Exhaust

Triumph Daytona 675R

So finally, an update on Project Daytona 675R. If you haven’t read the intro here, you’re probably not missing much. Exciting news though, after many moons of waiting, I got the custom slip-on I ordered back in February. I decided I wanted to go with the SC Project CR-T in titanium. It boggled my mind that SC Project didn’t make a CR-T for the Daytona 675/R but they made it for the Street Triple. Well, after a couple futile attempts to communicate with them directly about a custom, one off slip on, I contacted their USA authorized distributor: Motovation USA.

I had never purchased from them before and I REALLY wanted this slip on. After doing some research on Motovation USA I decided, hell why not? I sent them what I wanted and they said, “I got you fam.” Just kidding, they actually said something along the lines of, “This will be an 8-10 week wait. But to be honest it’ll probably be more. The Italians just get to it when they get to it and it shows up at our shop one day.” Of course I wanted to believe that I’d get it in 8 weeks. Then again this special order nonsense isn’t my first rodeo. In my mind I was going to be waiting at least 20 weeks. Around the 8 week mark I decided to follow up with Motovation USA and they were good sports. I asked if they could follow up with SC Project and they said, “I can but they won’t tell me anything.” I probably sent them an email a month and they were always polite and replied the same way.

Then one day around the 5.5 month mark I get a tracking number email from Motovation USA. That week was probably the longest I’ve ever waited for something. I couldn’t wait more than five minutes to get that sucker on. All in all I’d have to say I had a really positive experience with Motovation USA, so if you’re looking for motorcycle parts don’t hesitate to check out their website. Ha- besides being an update for the project, I suppose this is a review as much as a review for the SC Project slip on itself!

Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium
Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium

Installation was straightforward but did require an extra part. Thankfully I was smart enough to do research over at and saw that I’d need a Servo Buddy to get rid of the check engine light the EXUP crap would trigger. The EXUP valve is a sorry albeit required-by-law system by motorcycle manufacturers to comply with EPA sound levels below a certain RPM. I won’t get too into detail about it since I don’t know much except that it makes your bike stupid quiet cruising around town. Here’s a quick video on Youtube that will show you how to remove the EXUP system and where to plug the Servo Buddy. Overall this took 30 minutes to install on the bike, so its no difficult feat. That’s taking my time by the way. I then took it down to Newport Ducati/Triumph to get my slip on tune flashed onto the ECU and it was all finished.

Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium
Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium

Craftsmanship is second to none. All the welds are beautifully done and there isn’t a rough spot or a burr to be found anywhere. I don’t have official weight figures since I couldn’t help but install it the second the mail man dropped it off. Holding both the stock unit and the new slip on the difference is (obviously) night and day. The coloring on the tip is an especially nice touch. I’m assuming it was blue-d from being cut with a plasma cutter since its such a precise cut.

Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium
Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium

So the sound. You want to know how loud this sucker really is? Well its deafening loud. I haven’t had a chance to get some decibel figures, but I use earplugs when riding that are NRR 33 rated. What the true noise reduction is I won’t know until I get said decibel figures but while riding around normally, this thing is still absurdly loud. With my riding buddy following me, he told me he couldn’t hear his own bike and he rides a loud ass Aprilia RSV4! I absolutely love this exhaust but to be honest, I’m not sure how long I can put up with this noise. If i was in my teens or 20’s I wouldn’t even care. Now I have to worry about waking up neighbors and bringing down flocks of birds with how loud this thing is. Can you tell how loud it is by how many times I’ve said “loud?” Since SC Project is not against making custom exhausts, I may look into the S1 Silencer. Looks to have a bit more sound muffler-ing going on.

Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium
Triumph Daytona 675R Custom SC Project CRT in Titanium

So where’s the sound clip you ask? Well ask and ye shall receive! Please don’t mind the speeds. I use a neutral density filter which makes it seem way faster than I’m actually going. Curiously all the cars were very nice and waved me by! Typically we have to sit behind them and wait for passing lanes. Lastly, the GoPro was rendered useless after a bump on the tank. You can be sure more videos are on the way. Enjoy!

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  1. Sly says: Reply

    How did you remove the red stripes on wheels ?
    … i want to do this on mine.

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      Hey Sly, I used some pin-stripping tape. Got it here:

      Can’t really tell unless you’re looking really close and its easy to apply!

  2. Sam says: Reply

    I ordered myself one after watching this 😀 btw, which go pro did you use to shoot this video? Also, chest mount or chin mount?

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      @Sam hell yeah. you’re either going to hate it or love it haha. That video was shot with the chest mount. I hit the tank with it near the end so the video was worthless after. Link me when you get it!

  3. Sam says: Reply

    Will do! Went for the titanium like yourself, carbon just doesn’t capture its beauty. The only gripe is the waiting period. Btw, you didn’t mention which go pro you used?

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      @sam yeah that wait is gonna be killer. Hopefully they’re not in MotoGP/WSBK prep mode yet and can spare some time for us plebs lol. The camera I use for my videos is the GoPro Hero 4 Black. Did you get the mesh over the opening? I was on the fence on that haha

      1. Sam says: Reply

        I do hope so, the dealer has promised that it’ll take upto a month or two at the most to get my hands on it but whatever it is, it’s worth the wait. No I didn’t get a mesh over the the opening, I had seen a racefit slip on with the mesh, wasn’t a big fan. All I know is, it’s going to be mind blowingly loud and hope my neighbours don’t curse me on Sunday mornings lol

        1. David Chen says: Reply

          Haha good luck with that!

  4. Ram Nakhle says: Reply

    Hi and thanks for this review.

    I too have ordered the same slipon after watching your video for my 2014 Daytona 675R. I had a crush on the CR-T since my friend got one on his ZX-6R and I was excited to see it on the Daytona.
    Pretty much like you mentioned the wait was very long. I ordered it 3 months ago and they JUST shipped it yesterday. Got an air filter and the servo buddy as well. Will have the slip on tune flashes into the ECU after install.
    I have a few questions if you can help out.
    1- did you lose any of the midrange power/torque? And how is your high end power?
    2- are you still running the stock air filter and ecu map?
    2- did you have any problems with the engine idle? Engine cutting out in traffic/running lean on low revs? Any of that?

    Again thanks for the review and videos. Can’t wait to get this thing on!
    Ride safe.

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      Glad you’re finally gonna get it! The wait was so long but totally worth it!

      Regarding how it reacted to the slip on I did feel a lull in the midrange. Nothing huge just something small and consistent that wasn’t there before. Top end increased a bit but nothing to brag about. I am still running the stock air filter and have no tune. As for engine cutting out and running lean I haven’t seen any signs of it being lean. Bike behaves just like it did before the slip.

      Send me a link when you get it all set up. I want to see what it does with the air filter and tune!

  5. Ram Nakhle says: Reply

    Thanks for the info, David.
    Just received the package and this thing is gorgeous as expected.
    Will be installed in a couple of days.
    Pics and a quick review will follow. You’ll get a link for sure.
    Thanks again.

  6. Ram Nakhle says: Reply

    Hello again.
    All done and couldn’t be happier! But DAAAMN that thing is loud! but we love loud!
    Thanks Dave!
    I had triumph slip-on tune flashed into the ECU.
    It’s a different beast! Like you said, a tiny bit down on mid-range, but not too noticeable. And the top end feels a whole lot different. Engine is breathing better and you can tell.
    I made a post with a few pics check it out.

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      That looks and sounds awesome! Great choice again haha. I had been getting a bit “bored” with my 675r lately but I saw one on the street today and am in love with it all over again. Can’t wait to ride this weekend. Ride safe brother and enjoy the new goodies!

  7. Alind Mishra says: Reply


    Do you have tha db levels of these exhausts? Two brother racings are 112. Wantes to know of SC project crt are louder than that?

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      I don’t but am willing to bet the db is at least 112. I will try to get a reading soon

      1. Alind says: Reply

        It would be great if you can get the readings. I haven’t heard sc or austins live but ive heard two brothers live. So if i can get the readings, i would be able to compare the loudness.

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