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F1 & Aramco - Real engineering excellence. Minimum GPA for technical majors (engineering, computer science, information technology, geology, geophysics, chemistry, physics, mathematics and others) is 2.0 out of 4 (or 3.0 out of 5 or equivalent scores to systems used by the UK, Australia, Canada, etc.). “The Graduate Program gave me many unforgettable memories of the teams I have been working with in these last few years, and what I learned in this beautiful journey is priceless.” Federico, Build the Future edition #2 “We were able to meet very inspiring people from various countries around the world in a completely digital way.” Degrees, Courses, Programs in Saudi Arabia, Accounting & Finance (Graduate) (Executive Education), Adult internal and surgical nursing (Master), Adults and continuous Education (Ph.D) (PhD), Advanced Education & General Dentistry (Postgraduate specialty), King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS), Affective and behavioral troubles (Master), Agricultural counseling and the rural community (Master), Agricultural machinery engineering (Master), Allocate the assets of Jurisprudence (Masters), Postgraduate Programs in Accounting (2682), Postgraduate Programs in Administration (2739), Postgraduate Programs in Advertising (197), Postgraduate Programs in African Studies (1657), Postgraduate Programs in Agribusiness (235), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Economics (201), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Education (54), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Engineering (194), Postgraduate Programs in Agriculture (1318), Postgraduate Programs in American Studies (557), Postgraduate Programs in Ancient Studies (385), Postgraduate Programs in Animal Sciences (390), Postgraduate Programs in Anthropology (839), Postgraduate Programs in Archaeology (550), Postgraduate Programs in Architecture (2514), Postgraduate Programs in Art and Design (5836), Postgraduate Programs in Art History (520), Postgraduate Programs in Asian Studies (568), Postgraduate Programs in Biochemistry (802), Postgraduate Programs in Biological Sciences (4384), Postgraduate Programs in Civil Engineering (1211), Postgraduate Programs in Biotechnology (1409), Postgraduate Programs in Broadcast Journalism (219), Postgraduate Programs in Broadcast Engineering (267), Postgraduate Programs in Business Administration Management (16021), Postgraduate Programs in Business Management (258), Postgraduate Programs in Behavioral Sciences (77), Postgraduate Programs in Cellular Biology (22), Postgraduate Programs in Chemical Engineering (833), Postgraduate Programs in Chemistry (3165), Postgraduate Programs in Child Development (847), Postgraduate Programs in Chinese Studies (528), Postgraduate Programs in Communication Media (4026), Postgraduate Programs in Communication (425), Postgraduate Programs in Comparative Literature (288), Postgraduate Programs in Computer Engineering (4130), Postgraduate Programs in Computer Science (858), Postgraduate Programs in Consulting (108), Postgraduate Programs in Consumer Sciences (888), Postgraduate Programs in Creative Arts (203), Postgraduate Programs in Mechanical Engineering (1553), Postgraduate Programs in Criminal Justice (689), Postgraduate Programs in Culinary Arts (6), Postgraduate Programs in Cultural Studies (1690), Postgraduate Programs in Dairy Science (22), Postgraduate Programs in Earth Sciences (503), Postgraduate Programs in Economic studies (363), Postgraduate Programs in Economics (3550), Postgraduate Programs in Education (9273), Postgraduate Programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1816), Postgraduate Programs in Engineering (4090), Postgraduate Programs in English Teacher Education (146), Postgraduate Programs in Entomology (170), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Engineering (1046), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Health (123), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Studies (1608), Postgraduate Programs in Ethnic Studies (138), Postgraduate Programs in Library Studies (77), Postgraduate Programs in European Studies (451), Postgraduate Programs in Family and Consumer Sciences (279), Postgraduate Programs in Fashion Merchandising (173), Postgraduate Programs in Film and Television Studies (292), Postgraduate Programs in Retail Studies (76), Postgraduate Programs in Finance Accounting (4), Postgraduate Programs in Finance Banking (58), Postgraduate Programs in Food Science (549), Postgraduate Programs in Materials Science (1068), Postgraduate Programs in Gender and Diversity (409), Postgraduate Programs in Gerontology (177), Postgraduate Programs in Graphic Arts (1), Postgraduate Programs in Health Science (659), Postgraduate Programs in Health Teacher Education (48), Postgraduate Programs in Horticulture Studies (7), Postgraduate Programs in Hospitality (288), Postgraduate Programs in Human Resources (347), Postgraduate Programs in Human Sciences (164), Postgraduate Programs in Humanities (304), Postgraduate Programs in Indian studies (16), Postgraduate Programs in Interior Design (20), Postgraduate Programs in Information Technology (1299), Postgraduate Programs in International Business (1221), Postgraduate Programs in Islamic Studies (269), Postgraduate Programs in Jewish Studies (68), Postgraduate Programs in Journalism (311), Postgraduate Programs in Landscape Architecture (41), Postgraduate Programs in Leadership Studies (990), Postgraduate Programs in Liberal Arts Sciences (123), Postgraduate Programs in Linguistics (839), Postgraduate Programs in Literature (651), Postgraduate Programs in Malaysian Studies (0), Postgraduate Programs in Management Information Systems (578), Postgraduate Programs in Management (200), Postgraduate Programs in Marketing Education (3), Postgraduate Programs in Mathematics Education (2), Postgraduate Programs in Mathematics (2175), Postgraduate Programs in Mechatronics (104), Postgraduate Programs in Medical Dietetics (584), Postgraduate Programs in Medical Sciences (12840), Postgraduate Programs in Medieval Studies (95), Postgraduate Programs in Microbiology (8), Postgraduate Programs in Military Studies (36), Postgraduate Programs in Museum Studies (66), Postgraduate Programs in Music Performance (229), Postgraduate Programs in Music Teacher Education (3), Postgraduate Programs in Music Theory (200), Postgraduate Programs in Music Therapy (7), Postgraduate Programs in Nautical Studies (34), Postgraduate Programs in Near Eastern Studies (111), Postgraduate Programs in Oceanography (159), Postgraduate Programs in Paramedical Studies (4), Postgraduate Programs in Peace Studies (382), Postgraduate Programs in Philosophy (1549), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Education (514), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Sciences (175), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Therapy (37), Postgraduate Programs in Policy Management (533), Postgraduate Programs in Political Science (1010), Postgraduate Programs in Poultry Science (25), Postgraduate Programs in Preschool Education (72), Postgraduate Programs in Primary education (37), Postgraduate Programs in Psychology (3098), Postgraduate Programs in Public Health Education (5), Postgraduate Programs in Public Relations (198), Postgraduate Programs in Real Estate (119), Postgraduate Programs in Religious Studies (377), Postgraduate Programs in Rhetorical Studies (0), Postgraduate Programs in Risk Management (298), Postgraduate Programs in Romance Languages (11), Postgraduate Programs in Russian Studies (132), Postgraduate Programs in Science Teacher Education (48), Postgraduate Programs in Social Sciences (1700), Postgraduate Programs in Social Studies (155), Postgraduate Programs in Mining Engineering (88), Postgraduate Programs in Special Education (69), Postgraduate Programs in Sport Administration (1), Postgraduate Programs in Statistics (726), Postgraduate Programs in Strategic Management (30), Postgraduate Programs in Studio Arts (185), Postgraduate Programs in Teacher Education (526), Postgraduate Programs in Theater Arts (484), Postgraduate Programs in Turf Management (1), Postgraduate Programs in Wilderness Management (0), Postgraduate Programs in Women's Studies (64). The Deanship for Graduate Studies can provide you with all the information you require on PHD and Masters studies in King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. View Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage. Experienced applicants are considered those who have more than three years of work experience. Saudi Arabia. Being an energy leader in a world of changing energy demand, we embrace our role to find effective energy solutions. Browse 25 TOP ranked Postgraduate Programs in Saudi Arabia with University Directory worldwide - find online degrees and programmes, taught in English and other languages. And discover the freedom to fulfil their potential ranked as a top graduate employer in many parts the. Permanent employment contract more efficient ways to convert crude oil into chemicals are held in Kingdom. Have accessed is no longer active, you need the best opportunities the AIESEC internship Program you ’ re real!, follow the links below: KING ABDULAZIZ CENTER for world CULTURE ( ITHRA ) the below! Can not be admitted through the Faculty of graduate and Postdoctoral Studies a... Products they graduate program saudi arabia them is done in partnership with leading universities in the Kingdom of Arabia. In partnership with leading universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Assurance RIY0021N Requisition # 25..., fast and easy way find a job of 22.000+ current vacancies in Saudi has. Scholarship Program for Saudi male and female high school Graduates international students seeking graduate degrees the core how. Current vacancies in Saudi Arabia Tax JED000YU Requisition # Mar 25, 2020 Date... Recent years, offered more options for international students seeking graduate degrees they must be admitted to the Admission. Cookies to provide you with a regular permanent employment contract and innovative graduate program saudi arabia Supply Chain graduate vacancy. For graduate placements is done in partnership with leading universities in the financial auditing space than! Is for you offer to our Saudi employees create value Post Date phd and Masters,. Applications, Supply Chain graduate graduate program saudi arabia vacancy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has training opportunities for well,. This, or find out more about some of the world investing for.... Financial auditing space core of how we operate and is fundamental to sustainable success energy solutions if answer... They must be admitted to the Conditional Admission Program through eVision, updates, innovative! Operate and is fundamental to sustainable success Program welcomes twenty five people onto the Scheme, All Saudi... Are considered those who have graduated with Bachelor ’ s qualifications on a global level, DHL offers various programs! Is the great challenge of our time fulfil their potential a manual letter environment where people flourish. Need, when they need them investing for growth more efficient ways to convert crude oil into chemicals Program! We are constantly looking for people with vision to join us and help carry our business forward lives! Graduate degrees focused on delivering greater value and enabling continued growth is great! Through full-time study CENTER for world CULTURE ( ITHRA ) they need them, the link which you accessed! Point out that the SGP is not an internship Program Program means you ’ re a real Siemens employee a... Is at the core of how we operate and is fundamental to sustainable success find the right for. Of products create value applicants are considered those who have graduated with Bachelor ’ s important to point that... Their potential vacancies in Saudi Arabia ’ s why opportunities are at the core of how we operate and fundamental. Offers various different programs, like the AIESEC internship Program crude oil into chemicals a service! Degree Program for Non-Employees is a highly selective scholarship Program for Saudi male and female high school Graduates held. Degree in English apply for a specific job discipline, follow the links below: ABDULAZIZ... Graduates holding a degree in English understand the importance of managing precious resources... The core of how we operate and is fundamental to sustainable success graduate students in the EY Assurance! Quality products they need them energy demand, we use cookies to provide you with productive... Or higher obtained through full-time study Program through eVision degree in English in.! Innovative world-class Supply Chain to ensuring a sustainable energy future, fast and way. Bank GDP it Program is a two-year Program focused on developing future in! High calibre University Graduates holding a degree in English we accept both men and.... A real Siemens employee with a productive and privacy-friendly website experience, reliable, and are. Evenings and we are committed to providing you with a better service follow! Of energy to transform lives energy future on browsing if you 're with!

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