Makers of Skully AR-1 Helmet Out of Business

A few weeks ago we reported via Techcrunch that Skully helmets had experienced a coup by investors that left the brains behind the Skully AR-1 out in the cold. The company they worked feverishly to create is now reported also by Techcrunch to be closed. You can get the full details here as Techcrunch was able to get Marcus Weller on the phone.

To us over here at CircuitxBreakers, this doesn’t come as a surprise.  How many high profile Kickstarter programs like this have actually gone to market? Another Kickstarter that comes to mind is the Coolest Cooler. Perhaps not as cool as the Skully AR-1, but nonetheless they racked up millions in funding and the last time we looked into it, also had not shipped. Techcrunch cites ego and lack of experience in manufacturing as the culprits of Skully’s demise and we’re inclined to agree. Sure you have a great idea, but 99.9% of these people with wonderful ideas are not experienced enough in securing capital to keep the company going and not experienced enough in the supply chain to get these kinds of ideas off the ground. I work in the consumer electronics industry to pay the bills as my “day” job, I work with overseas manufacturers and the idea of  doing something like this is ludicrous. Kudos to those enterprising spirits though, if this would’ve made it to market I’m sure we’d be singing the praises of Skully for years to come. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that good ideas and good intentions aren’t enough.

Until we get a true AR/HUD helmet, keep those side mirrors on boys.

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