KTM CEO Stefan Pierer: Ducati Signs Rider Who Can’t Ride in the Rain

Damn. KTM CEO Stefen Pierer just threw some shade at the Italian team by saying that Ducati signed a rider who can’t perform in the rain. Ouch. We all know how Jorge Lorenzo struggles in the rain, but the man is still a five time world champion. Put some ‘spect on his name! With that said, we couldn’t agree more.

Spanish site solomoto.es is reporting that Pierer stated, “Ducati has spent 12 million euros to sign Jorge Lorenzo. And yet they are not sure they can win the World Cup because when it rains [he] does not run. In this case it is no use having the best bike. ” Stefan Pierer also says that they use different tactics to find riders, “We prefer to find future champions in Moto3 and Moto2, train them, follow them. Drivers like Stoner, Marquez and Viñales have run for us. “


This has sent some MotoGP fans in a tizzy. Most are trying to stand up for Lorenzo saying, no Ducati signed a five time world champion. There’s no denying that he is a champion, but a true champion can adapt. Most are saying his troubles are coming from the tires or the electronics. Yeah they are most likely a factor, but you have others like Marquez and Rossi who have to deal with these new and different circumstances but are still doing good or better. Look at Andrea Ianonne! If Ducati is regretting anything, its choosing the wrong Andrea. Then throw in the rain–the ultimate equalizer–and what we have is a very interesting run of the second half of the season thus far. With seven races to go we still at least one rain race coming up–Suzuka– so should Lorenzo just concede and preserve his body? At this point it would make sense.

If anything is sure, Ducati will be gunning for KTM, they took the gauntlet and threw it on the ground!

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