How are GoPro Videos So Clear?

As a motorcycle buff I’m sure you’ve spent many a night at home before bed watching YouTube videos and have come across GoPro’s channel. Their videos always look amazing, probably since they have professionals editing them and also because they have interesting videos. Sorry the GoPro footage of you going up the Tail of the Dragon in one take is cool for like 30 seconds. Max. Sorry that goes for us here at CircuitxBreakers too and you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I get my videos to look like GoPro’s videos?” Trust me, I’ve also asked myself the same question after getting the GoPro Hero 3 Black recently. My wife asked why do your videos look like crud compared to theirs? How indeed, my quizzical wife? How, indeed.

Well wonder no more. GoPro: Custom Solutions is what the big boys use. Sure the cameras they use are based loosely on the consumer versions, but lets be honest here. That’s like saying the YZF-R1 parked in your driveway is the same as the one Alex Lowes pilots in World SBK. I mean you’re already tearing the camera down to separate the body from the lens and the guts from the battery, do you really think they’ll use the cheap lens they sourced to sell to the plebeians? I’d like to meet a product manager that proposed that to management and kept his job. Check out the video:

I don’t have a problem with them having custom equipment for the big leagues but don’t allude to the fact that you’re using off the shelf GoPro’s when you’re not. Sure you’re not outright lying but you’re also not coming forward with the truth either. Regardless, its a cool behind the scenes look at how we get all the cool angles from races like MotoGP. In GoPro’s defense they do have a video of some GoPro Sessions being integrated into the race suit of Loris Baz. I’ve also included the full clip from the snippet in the video for those who haven’t seen it. All 2 of you and also the GoPro Sessions suit integration.

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