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Welcome to the new Circuit x Breakers!  What better place than the first post to tell you a bit about who we are? So who are we and what are we doing here?  We’re just a group of people caught up in this two wheeled obsession we call motorcycling–with way too much time on our hands. The idea to start this site was hatched on a cloudy overcast day. Being lazy in front of the TV. While watching Hitting the Apex narrated by Brad Pitt.  So what are we going to do? We’re here to bring you the latest in gear comparisons, gear reviews, motorcycle reviews and the latest news about the motorcycle racing world–you know MotoGP, World Superbike, MotoAmerica, The angle on this site will be towards sport riding and track days and races–hence the Circuit in the name. We’ll also be sharing things from around the internet that influence the motorcycling community for better or for worse.

You must be wondering to yourself now, “Another review site?” Well you wouldn’t be wrong, but we often found that reviews were just full of what we call “speeds and feeds.”  These are the features and benefits drummed up by the manufacturer and parroted by many of the reviewers on the market today. The reviews and comparisons done here will be products purchased and used by us here at Circuit x Breakers. If its crap, we’ll tell you what color it is, how bad it stinks and how large of a turd it really is.

So we look forward to bringing more motorcycle content to you and huzzah for the first post!  Stay tuned!  We’re headed to Monterrey, CA for Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in a few weeks for the MOTUL FIM SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.  Hope to get plenty of footage and pics of all classes and the support races from MotoAmerica!




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