DIY: How to Install ASV C5 Levers on Project Daytona 675R

This is a very straightforward installation on the 2013+ Triumph Daytona 675/R. This DIY is so easy pics are not necessary. The clutch side is a straight swap. The brake side is a bit more work since there aren’t parts labeled for the Triumph in the ASV package that you’ll need to use(for the R anyway) that we explain more below. The R variant also differs slightly on the brake lever side since you’ll be dealing with a plunger in the master cylinder of the Brembo unit. We opted for the standard length units, so the pic you see above is just for reference.

Estimated time: 15 minutes
Tools required:
1 x 10mm Wrench or socket
1 x 5mm Allen wrench
1 x 4mm Allen wrench
1 x 2.5mm Allen wrench

Clutch: Standard Length Lever – ASV Part Number: CRC541-K 

  • Loosen the 5mm allen screw that clamps the entire clutch lever to the handlebar (optional but provides more room to work with)
  • If you chose to loosen the clamp, rotate the assembly so that the clutch lever is facing up, now you have access to the 10mm nut on the underside of the assembly
  • Loosen the 10mm nut and hold the opposing end of the nut in with your thumb so that the entire nut and bolt won’t spin endlessly
  • Twist the adjuster nut so that the side that is cut along the length matches with the opening on the clutch assembly
  • Wiggle the end of the clutch cable out of the assembly
  • Apply some grease into the cylinder of the new lever where the bolt will go
  • Work backwards to install the new lever


Brake: Standard Length Lever – ASV Part Number: BRC550-K

  • Loosen the 5mm allen screw that clamps the entire brake lever to the handlebar (optional but provides more room to work with)
  • Loosen 10mm nut on the underside, no need to hold onto opposing side nut since the opposing side is an allen bolt
  • Loosen 4mm allen bolt
  • Slowing pull the lever from its position careful not to break the plastic sleeve the plunger was inside
  • Included in a baggy labeled “BRC550 “D” Bushings. For all Ducati, Aprilia, KTM & Yamaha Applications” are two aluminum sleeves insert them into the new lever. See Pic 1 below.
  • Included in a baggy labeled “BCR550 Push – Shaft. For all Ducati/Aprilia/KTM Applications (Not for Yamaha).” See Pic 1 below. Slowly insert that into the master cylinder until it is about half way hidden and secure in place
  • Included in a baggy labeled “BCR50 Brake Tab “D” Ducati, Aprilia & KTM Applications.” See Pic 2 below. Install this onto the new lever. It only goes on one way. Make sure you use some loctite to secure it.
  • Install the lever, put the allen bolt through from the top and tighten it down
  • Lastly, the 10mm goes on and make sure not to over tighten it. The nut wasn’t cranked down from the factory, so use some loctite here if you’re worried it’ll back out.
  • Safely test out both your clutch and brake lever operate correctly before operating your bike on the road or the track.


Additional pics for reference:

Pic 1
Pic 2
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  1. Alvin says: Reply

    I just installed this on my 2015 765r and this helped. Thanks!

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      Glad I could help!

  2. Alvin says: Reply

    I mean 675 lol

  3. Jason McKean says: Reply

    Thank you so much for the pictures. Just worked out my clutch switch is broken. Your pics confirmed it.

    1. David Chen says: Reply

      Glad this old blog helped someone out!

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