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So Assen has come and gone and with it claimed many a rider throughout the weekend. Assen’s unpredictable weather did not disappoint this weekend and made for a very interesting race. Stars were born, throwing caution to the wind, utilizing mother nature’s great equalizer: Rain. Everyone was taking it easy, this you could tell immediately and rightly so, but as professional MotoGP riders, they were there to compete and put on a show for fans all around the world. Most did not disappoint. Unfortunately one did. Rossi was running up in the top three with Dovi and to everyone’s surprise Yonny Hernandez! Pedrosa and Marquez were top 10, Ianonne was charging through the field from last place like a madman or a…… maniac if you will. Heh. All the usual suspects were out there putting it all on the line, all except for the World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. Now the two of you who frequent this site has already read my theory about Jorge Lorenzo previously, and this just continues to prove my point.

Mr. World Champion himself admitted to journalists that he wanted to quit the race because of the dangerous conditions saying, “In the first race I was in 19th place and the last rider. I was even thinking about stopping because the conditions on the track were terrible, but I kept riding and they stopped the race. We restarted the race with less water on the track and a soft rear tyre and, though I was one of the last ones and there were many crashers, I gained more confidence than I had in the first race. Now we get it, safety is paramount. We remember your post race interview with Marco Simoncelli and how you said this isn’t funny and this isn’t a game, you’re playing with your lives. Dani Pedrosa also said its very easy for the armchair fan to come down hard on MotoGP riders but at the end of the day, you are professionals paid to put everything on the line. When you’re no longer willing to do this, you are no longer a MotoGP rider. You didn’t see Ianonne, or Marquez or Pedrosa sandbagging during the race did you? You didn’t see Rossi sandbagging did you? So just because you don’t like the race conditions you just GIVE UP? If this is the type of person that’s going to be the World Champion, I’m done with MotoGP. If you didn’t want these types of risks, you should’ve played Football (Soccer) or basketball. This profession you chose dictates that you take risks and if your talent is as good as people say it is, it should take you to the finish line safely.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Jorge Lorenzo is a petulant child who only wants to race on his own terms. Not in the good way, only when the cards are stacked in his favor will he even put in the effort to win. Champions like Marquez and Rossi in recent memory have the racing audacity to be eternal greats. Those will be the champions people tell their children about, about how they looked danger in its face and spat in its eye and came out of the other side alive and stronger than ever. Jorge will be the champion people glaze over and say yeah he was fast, but he was very boring to watch.

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