AGV Pista GP R & Dainese Mugello R D-air Availability Pricing

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the new AGV Pista GP R and Dainese Mugello R D-air that the two(one?) companies announced during yesterdays live streaming event from Misano.

Here are some highlights from both products, which was developed in conjunction with their star endorser, Valentino Rossi:

AGV Pista GP R
– Increased field of vision through the introduction of Race 3 Max Pinlock®, a Class 1 Optic visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock® (120) and is characterized by a new-patented Visor Lock System (VLS).
– Aerodynamic performance has been improved thanks to the new wind-tunnel-tested Biplano rear spoiler.
– Comfort benefits from a new patented interiors structure and an implemented Integrated Ventilation System (IVS).
– The first helmet to include a hydration system, featuring internal channels and a drinking valve placed inside the chin area.
– Available November 2016 starting at €1200 (roughly $1300USD) in 5 graphics and 2 carbon variants


Dainese Mugello R D-air
– The D-air® platform has been implemented to extend the area covered by the airbag: from neck, shoulders and collarbones, to the lower sides of the rib cage.
– Redesigned and seamless-integrated LED interface and a patented Intelligent Emergency Lighting System directly triggered by the sophisticated D-air® algorithm.
– Mugello R D-air® offers enhanced comfort and protection thanks to the application of an adaptive knee construction and innovative constructive solutions as high-performance pre-curved engineered textiles and tri-axial elastics.
– The elbow construction has also been re-engineered, introducing an optimized slider shape and a quick release system.
– Available April 2017 through Dainese’s Custom Works program in 2 colorways with prices starting at €3999 (roughly $4400USD)


No doubt there are a lot of track monkeys ready to update/upgrade their existing leathers and these are surely going to be high on the list! For the full rundown on the new AGV Pista GP R and the Dainese Mugello R D-air, follow the links to the announcements:

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