2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Shafted on Looks

Leave it to another Japanese firm to pump out more of the same. The same bland looks that has carried Suzuki from the beginning. In a time when motorrcycle sales needed some visual revolution we got some evolution. I’m speaking specifically about the appearance of the concept that is reported as the new 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000. Announced in 2015 Suzuki calls this a 2016 model aimed to ship end of 2016 but lets be honest it’ll probably be billed as a 2017 model at this point. When put next to the previous decade of GSX-R1000s, you’d be hard pressed to spot the new one. Besides the LED signals, headlight, tail light and position lights, one could almost mistaken this new GSX-R1000 as a model from 2001 to 2016. From the comments we’ve read most of you agree.

Earlier I said that what we need is a revolution not an evolution and we got it–in the form of function via the Bosch electronics. It has revolutionized (relative) safety for the masses when piloting a 200hp super bike. Most of the manufacturers have embraced this change with equal parts revolution in the design of their motorcycles. Ducati, Aprilia and Yamaha have given us rolling works of art to ride. Notice that I’ve left Kawasaki out of that list of manufacturers. They’re also just as guilty as Suzuki when it comes to updating the plastics on their new liter bike. I have left Honda out because they still have a chance to redeem themselves. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint. I mean look at this thing. Straight from the turn of the century.

Oops, that is a model year 2000.

I think this is the new one. I’m not sure but I’m going with it. You can tell its the newer bike because the picture is not a scan from a print and because the color’s have changed. Oh don’t forget the high viz wheel tape.

Now I know we’re a track/sport riding oriented site, so why do we care? “We only care about the way it performs” you scream. While that’s largely accurate there’s a couple reasons why we should care:

  1. You actually care about the way your bike looks. You take pictures of it and post it on facestagramtwit. If you didn’t care about looks you would only post pics of the engine or the suspension. When was the last time you had repeat sex with an UGMO because the sex was good? Maybe once or twice before you wanted to gouge your eyes out with a butter knife right? Or until your friends caught you with it. Also one of those times you were probably drunk off your ass.
  2. The motorcycle industry has been in a slump since what? 2008? Let’s give the bikes a radical redesign and hope it pulls in more buyers, new buyers specifically. Looking at a edgy, modern or futuristic bike invokes all manners of emotions. I don’t know how many times I thought I was over the Ducati Panigale only to be sucked back in by its beautiful design. Sure it roasts the shit out of your nuts or vag, but goddamn it looks good doing it. Even the Ducati haters over at Motorcyclists Online have to admit the bike is very easy on the eyes.

I know this is a very shallow thing to complain about but given that the bike was being built new from the ground up, why not change the aesthetics as well? Don’t even get me started on the dash. Everyone with a liter bike is going color TFT and Kawi and Suzuki don’t upgrade. As long as the price points make sense I suppose it doesn’t really matter.


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