Updated:2017 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR Leaked

UPDATED: See the official pics here.

This is the real deal. The new 2017 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR photographed while putting in laps for promotional marketing in Croatia.

Pictured above is the new 2017 Honda Fireblade doing some promotional shooting. The pics come from a Japanese Twitter account @wakiwakiYZF_R1M. From the looks of it, these are official leaks approved by Honda. This isn’t the blurry cellphone snap that you can’t make anything out of. These are from at least high end point and shoots but most likely from a high end DSLR judging by the bokeh. Sandro Rubinic captured these photos of the new 2017 Honda Fireblade in Croatia in the town of Soboli.


The redesigned exterior exposed in all its glory is now in full view. Masked off headlights lead us to believe there are fancy LED designs hiding underneath. The new exterior design is inline with styling cues seen currently from Honda such as the recently launched CBR250RR. Also, the livery shown in the photos are reminiscent of the 2016 Honda Africa Twin. If you caught our last article about the new CBR1000RR/Fireblade you’ll recall MCN stated that their source told MCN to expect an evolution of the current bike and not a revolution. Now Asphalt and Rubber has weighed in with a photo analysis showing old parts that have made their way onto the new bike. Those of you expecting a new bike from the ground up will surely be disappointed.

Of course this is only what we can gather from the photos. Engine tuning, suspension tuning and active suspension can’t be seen in the photos. We can’t tell from the photos if a quick-shifter comes standard. There is still a lot to learn about this new Fireblade CBR1000RR, so don’t be disappointed just yet.

With that said, we just want to see this in the Tricolor livery. Intermot 2016 is around the corner starting October 5th and EICMA is in November. This is the time of the year that us bikers are most excited for. During the winter months at least we have new bikes to drool over in the coming year. Exciting times indeed!

We’ll update with any more news as we get it.

Update: Motorcycle.com has obtained the remaining photos from Sandro Rubinic. Hopefully there are more after this. Maybe an SP version?

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