UPDATED: 2017 Honda CBR1000RR: Quickshifter Confirmed




If you’ve been following the internet with any regularity you’ll know that Honda leaked some photos last week for the new 2017 CBR1000RR(Fireblade for the rest of the world) and was duly disappointed by all the early analysis of what the bike is–or is not. That is a redesigned machine from the ground up. Well, one thing has been pretty much confirmed and that is the inclusion of a quickshifter for the new bike.

Honda launched a new site today to four new motorcycles they’ll be revealing at the Intermot show next month. The one we care about is the CBR1000RR. Why there are people losing their shit over a scooter with dual sport tires is beyond me. Like I was saying, there’s a video and the only thing we can glean from it is the quickshifter. Long time fans of the CBR1000RR might also discern a difference in the engine note. That’s something we’ll leave to the Fireblade loyalists to fill us in about. Also, the video looks to be shot in the same location as the leaked photos from Sandro Rubinic. The odd thing is in the photos you can’t see a quickshifter module. Perhaps the Fireblade we’re hearing in the YouTube video is the SP version. If you’re up for some exploring, check out the teaser site–though there isn’t much to look at.

MCN is reporting that there will be three trim levels. The base, which is probably what we’re looking at and two SP trim levels. This would make sense since Yamaha decided to slice their pie up into smaller segments with the YZF-R1S, YZF-R1 and the track bred YZF-R1M. This would allow Honda to directly compete with Yamaha on the number of trim levels. If you haven’t read it, head over to MCN, its a great read with all the inside information they get.

Regardless, the wait is nearly over. If my wife read this blog she may be upset to know that I’m eagerly awaiting this reveal just as much as I’m waiting for our first born kid. Luckily I’ll get to see the new CBR1000RR before the kid!

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